Monogrammix is our on site embroidery store offering bowling shirts, staff shirts, company logos and monogramming for everything, including school uniforms, or organizations.

You can have us embroider baby blankets, wedding throws, robes, rowels
names & Initials, just about anything.
Look for the glass block room

Need embroidery for your club or business?
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Monogrammix has an extensive sportswear catalog for you to look
over.  Just pick the garments you would like and call us with your order.
Your order will reach us in 2 business days.  It’s that easy!  You can have
anything in the catalog custom embroidered or screen printed.

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Bowling Throw Blanket
Includes 2 lines of Monogram
Can Add Names, Scores, Dates!

St. Peter’s school
St. Joseph’s school
Just tell us what you need, & we will
Monogram it FAST!